Welcome to CE Adventure!

CE Adventure is a new program to provide an alternative to typical brick and mortar or online education. We also provide other options for something new for conferences and events. Getting your Continuing Education Credits while on a cruise! you can earn your credits while taking a vacation with family, friends and others in your industry! This is a great networking opportunity and hangout with family and friends.  While the ship is at sea, you will attend the events for your CEUs or conference and when not in session, you can enjoy the ship with all they have to offer! Free food, Drinks, Ports of call and so much more! We will be constantly adding new industries that all require Continuing Education to maintain your license. If you don’t see yours listed, contact us and we can start to get them on the list. We are also always looking looking for qualified instructors and feedback on how we can improve the programs.  We are very excited to start this program and I hope that you too will be equally excited!


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